Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe and one of the most famous, reaching an altitude of 4810m.

As it requires a minimum of experience and technical equipment, our guides can prepare and escort you to this absolutely unique and spectacular peak.

Choose the best option for you !

Climbing Mont Blanc - normal route

Do you dream of climbing Mont blanc ? You should already have an experience in high mountaineering.

Come and take advantage of this 2 or 3 days course which is a gradual approach to optimise your chances of a summit.

Normal Route

2 days
- 1265 € for 1 person
- 1380 € for 2 people

3 days 
- 1785 € for 1 person
- 1995 € for 2 people

The huts are included.
Pass, technical equipment is extra



Climbing Mont Blanc - "The 3 Mont Blanc" route 

Your ascent to the Mont-blanc by the famous "Cosmique route", traversing the Mont-blanc Tacul and Mont Maudit.

3 Mont Blanc

2 days

1050€ per person

1 guide per person

Pass, refuge & technical equipment is extra




Objective Mont Blanc course 5 days

Our course will give you the best possible chance of success in climbing western Europe’s highest peak (4810m).
Time to acclimatise and learn solid climbing technique  in the spectacular Chamonix valley, that will give you the right preparation for the climb.

Objective Mont Blanc

5 days course : 3 days of training, 2 days to climb the Mont Blanc

Dates : From May to September
1790€ per person

Pass, refuge for 2 nights & security equipment included