Discover the climbing techniques or improve on the most beautiful cliffs and climbing routes of Chamonix. The valley is the ideal ground for
all level and ages.


The climbing session generally takes place in "Les Gaillands", a rock wall located in a pleasant surrounding between lakes and forest. The place offers various itineraries to suit all levels of climbers.
Climbing is a complete sport on its own, with intense pleasure and satisfaction, surpassing achievments and a taste for adventure!

Level : Sessions  for begginers or experienced, children from 3 years old with a private guide, and from 10 years old in a group.
Session : 1/2 day or full day.
Meeting point : To be confirmed with the guide. Meeting point in front of the little snack of "Les Gaillands".
Program : According to the level of the participants, it could be an inductory or advanced session.

Equipment provided :
The guide will provide the safety equipment: harness, rope, helmet & carabiners. If you have your own equipment, you can bring it.

Equipement needed :
- Climbing shoes (can be hired in our partner shop SANGLARD: 7€ / day).
- Sportswear.
- Rucksack 30L.
- Food & drinks.

Price :
 - Join a groupe (4-6 people) : 59€* per person for the 1/2 day. 
                                                      99€* per person for the full day.

- Private guide : 1/2 day : 225€* (1-2 people) or 250€ (3-4 people). 
                            Full day : 360€* (1-2 people) or 390€ (3-4 people).


In Chamonix on the Mont Blanc side, with it's granite slabs and fissures and on the opposite side of the valley "Les Aiguilles Rouges"or the "Red Needles", named after it's coloration. The Pre-Alps with their limestone rocks and the Italian granite which is a  preference when the weather conditions are not so good, on the French side.  
A day in a small group, of 2 people to perform a mixed climbing race, on rocks and ice.!

Level : Rock climbing experience required. Itinerary will be adapted according to your level.
Session : 1 full day.
Meeting point : To be confirmed according to the itinerary chosen with the guide.

Equipment : 
The guide will provide the safety equipment: harness, rope, helmet &  carabiners. If you have you own equipment, you can bring it.

Equipment needed : 
- Climbing shoes (can be hired at the local sports shops 7€/day).
- Sportswear
- Rucksack 30L/40L.
- Food & drinks.

Price : 
- 360€* for 1-2 peoples.

Information :
- If the choice of the destination is to be outside of  the Chamonix valley, a transport fee might be requested.
- You will have to add to the rate of the ski lift ticket, according to your itinerary.
- For any cancellation because of bad weather  conditions, only the guide will be able to decide to cancel the activity. If we cancel the day, we can postpone to another day, you can keep the credit for another activity or we will refund you.


With a length of 400m, the Via Ferrata of Curalla in Passy offers a route consisting of various passages with bridges, monkey bridges and Nepali ladders, nets. This Via Ferrata is equipped and accessible from May to October. The entire route is a beautiful aerial balcony overlooking the Arve Valley with a spectacular backdrop: the Mont Blanc Massif.

Level required : A little climbing or Via ferrata experience is recommended. 
Timing :  It depends on your level, the completion of the course.
20 minutes walk to the start
1h30 to 2hours in the Via Ferrata
45minutes back

Meeting point : Curalla car park. Entrance of Plateau d'Assy city.
Possibility to organize a transfer from Chamonix. 

Equipment provided :
The guide will give you the security material: Harness, rope sections, helmet. 

Equipment needed :
- Hiking clothes. 
- Good pairs of hiking shoes or sneakers that have a good approach.
- Back pack with water and a snack. 
- Sunscreen / Sunglasses.

Prices :
-Join a group (from 3 to 5 people): 80€ per person *
-With a private guide (1 to 4 people): 250 € per guide *

Information :
- For any cancellation because of bad conditions/weather, the guide only will be able to decide to cancel the activity. If we cancel the day, we can postpone to another day, keep the credit for another activity or refund you.

- Few paths can be high, not recommended if you have vertigo.

For information, Les Evettes Via Ferrata in Chamonix will be not accessible this summer because of the Flégère cable car reconstruction. 

* Prices summer 2020