Question : Does my child need a ski pass ? 
Yes, and for all levels except "Yetisson / Panda".

Question : What kind of clothes should my child wear?
The best thing to have are several layers of clothing, but your child must have: a helmet, gloves, glasses and sunscreen.

Question : What happens at the beginning of the first day?
The Panda team makes name stickers for each child for their equipment: helmet, skis, poles & boots, they will check that the child is registered and assign him a "bib" that they will wear throughout the week.

Question : When my child is not skiing, is he or she going to be looked after?
The Panda club is a ski school and not a nursery, but your child is going to be looked after by the ski instructor. 

Question : Will your team be able to change my child's diapers?
No, we can only welcome toilet traned children, with no diapers, they have to be 3 years old, to be in the Panda Club.

Question : My child is 3 years old, can he or she be in the Panda Club for a full day?
Yes  they can at the age of 3, but we recommend half-days, rather than full days.

Question : What time should we arrive in the morning?
For the first day, it is advisable to arrive between 8:35-8:45am to register your child. After that, you can arrive  at 08:50am.

Question : Is there any transportation?
We can provide transportation in the morning, to the 9am classes,  and in the evening,  from the 5pm classes. If your child is registered for the half-day, we can only ensure transportation  "One Way" in the morning.

Question : Can I go with my child on your transport?
No, because we have a limited number of places and our drivers must follow the exact list of children to pick up. If you wosh to take your child the first day yourself, to see the club and feel secure, you can do this and register them for the transport the rest of the week. This MUST be done pre arrival.

Question : What is the maximum of children in a group?
8 children/instructor/group

For more information, you can visit our page: Kids Courses


Question : Can I join this group if I have already practiced boarding?
No, your level is Intermediate 1 and not a beginner level.

Question : Do I need a package?
Yes, you will need a package. On the first day, your lesson will take place at the Vormaine or Savoy. 
If you take the "3 day  package" that will make it cheaper, than to buy multiple day packages.

Question : How many people are there in a group?
From 4-8 people.

Question : Will I get the schedule when I sign up?
Yes! We will send you the location and time, remember to provide us with your phone number and your mail adress, when you sign up.

Question : Will I be the only one who has never skied or snowboarded before?
No, it will be the first time for everyone, just like you!



Question : If my level is higher or lower than "the group"?
Group lessons are tailored to accommodate everyone, if there was a hige differebce you could move to private lessons.

Question : How are the classes scheduled?
Classes are organised from Monday to Wednesday, from 9am to 11:30am.. Your schedule, will be sent to you at the same time as your booking confirmation, so remember to provide us, with your mobile number and your mail adress.


Question : How many people can an instructor have in a lesson?
From 1- 6 people.

Question : Can I have a session just with my friends or family?
Yes! The classes can be organized for a group of friends or family, not with people who don't know each other.

Question : Can skiers and snowboarders be in the same group?
No, because your instructor will be skiing or snowboarding and it will be very difficult to teach both at the same time.

Question : Can I come with friends who have different levels, and share the same lesson?
No, we don't recommend mixing  different levels, which would slow down the progression of each participant. 

Question : What are the schedules?
We have lessons for: 2h, 2,5h and 3h (1/2 days & full days) 

Question : Can I have an "off-piste" session?
Yes! Please specify this when you are making your booking!

Question : Could I have a "Glacier" skiing session? Yes, if you have the level for this kind of session. You need to be a competent off piste skier or boarder.

Question : Could I have a "pick up" to get to my skiing lesson with you?
Yes! If your lesson starts at 9am, it 's possible (depends on availability and number of people in your group) and costs 15€ for private lessons (it can be included if you book the full day)

Question : What is the difference between a ski instructor and a mountain guide?
A ski instructor is qualified to teach you how to ski and snowboard, but not to walk on the glacier! The mountain guide can accompany you on the glacier, but not teach how to ski/board.

Remember to specify your level and your expectations when you do your booking (beginners, intermediates, off-piste or glaciers)

For more information, please visit our page: private lessons.



Question : How many people can a Guide have in a group?
From 1-4 people.

Question : Can I share the class with others?
The classes can be organized for friends or family, but just with people who knows each other!

Question : Can skiers and snowboarders share the same guide?
Yes, because it isn't a teaching class, but a discovery of itineraries, and the guide will be skiing.

Question : Where can I go skiing with the Guide?
We have 1/2 day sessions and full days. Please let us know, where you want to ski, when you book your session!

Question : Can I go "off-piste" on a glacier with a Guide?
Yes, but remember to specify it when you book your session.

Question : Can the Guide pick me up, before my session?
Yes! if your session starts at 9am, it 's possible (depending on the availability and the number of people in your group) and costs 15€ , or it's free with a full day.

Question : What is the difference between a ski instructor and a Guide?
A ski instructor is qualified to teach you, how to ski and snowboard, but not to walk on the glacier! The mountain guide can accompany you on the glacier, but not teach you how to ski/board.

Question : What other activities can I do with a Guide?
Winter mountaineering, glacier off-piste skiing, ski touring, ice climbing, avalanche safety courses and glaciers ...

Remember to specify your level and your expectations when booking (beginners, intermediate, off-piste, glaciers ...)


Question: What level should I have?
You must have a good level of skiing and have some "off-piste" experience. If you are unsure of your level, you can join an off piste session 

Question: What is an "off-piste" session?
It's a 4h session, where you will learn "off-piste" skiing,  and test your level for the Vallee Blanche. If you are a group, you can have an off-piste session + The Vallee Blanche at a reduced price. "Off-piste" sessions are also available privately.

Question: How many people can a Guide have in a group?
From 1- 4 people in private - maybe 6 in a group as the conditions get easier.

Question: What is the difference between a group  and a private lesson?
Our groups are based on 4-6 people and are organized by us (skiers and snowboarders separated) and you will share the same Guide. You can book a guide for a private session, if you are a group of friends or family, and the guide will be at your disposal for the day. Maxium 4 in private off piste.

Question: Can skiers and snowboarders share the same Guide?
Only in a private session!

Question: At what time, does the classes start in the morning?
They usually starts around 8:15am, but the final time will be confirmed by our planning team.

Question: How long does it take to do the Vallee Blanche?
It depends on the group, usually you will arrival around 2pm or 3pm. 

Question: Do I need a backpack?
Yes, you will need a backpack! You can rent these very cheap at a local shop.

Question: What else should I bring with me?
An Unlimited pass, water & food, sunscreen, poles, a helmet, crampons (which you can rent with our partner Sanglard) The Guide will provide the safety equipment.

Question: Why do I need a Guide?
The Vallee Blanche is an off-piste and a glacier descent with crevasses and many dangers to unqualified skiers, our Guides are very familiar with the different routes and they will know, which way, that will be, the best for you!

For more information, visit our Vallee Blanche page.