Assurski Card Support for Evolution 2: the only insurance covering 100% of Evolution 2 activities.

Although in the framework of the practice of a sports activity, supervised by a professional, you are covered by its liability insurance, please be advised that all financial consequences of an injury or an accident (evacuation, transport , repatriation ...) are the responsibility of the guest. In order to cover any eventual need, we offer the following insurance:


Search and rescue costs :
Assistance and repatriation worldwide *
On piste and off-piste, including the helicopter.

Individual accident :
Public liability
Material or corporal, interruption of stay.

Emergency medical expenses : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide.

Extract from the guarantees of the Assurski and Assursport card agreement

Timing :
From 1 day to 1 year from date to date.

Whole world

Application areas
Accident related to sports practice

Assistance to persons :
Search and rescue costs
Unlimited support in France € (including the helicopter) and € 15,000 abroad
Health care costs and hospitalization up to € 10,000 per insured person per claim
Medical transportation (real costs)

* Repatriation to the country of origin
- In case of an accident in Europe, the repatriation will be made to the country of origin of the insured
- In the event of an accident occurring outside the Europe zone: for French customers repatriation to the country of origin. For other clients, repatriation limited to the cost of repatriation to France.
- Transport in case of death: transport costs of the body in case of death (real costs). Emergency funeral expenses up to 1000 €
- Legal assistance up to 5000 €. Advance of the criminal guarantee up to 7500 €
 -Refund in case of interruption of stay: Prorata temporis, with a maximum of 300 € on presentation of the original proof of the packages and lessons.

Public liability
Maximum compensation payable by the Insurer: € 150,000 for personal injury and property damage

Unsecured sports activities (exclusions)
Mountaineering high mountain (above 6000m.), Bobsleigh, skeleton, hunting dangerous animals, caving (aerial and mechanical sports guaranteed if premium)

To suscribe Assurski / Assursport insurance you must :
- Provide your surname, first name, address, date of birth and date of subscription.
- Subscribe 24 hours before the desired insurance date.>

- € 5 / day / person
- 29 € for 7 days / person

Download the summary of the general conditions: click here