Our childrens' ski school is famous with 15 years of success:  fun ski lessons in a natural & safe environment.

Available for children from 3 to 14 years (Must have 3 years before the beginning of the classes).
Maximum: 8 children/instructor (who speak English and French)

The Panda Club is located in Argentière, at the bottom of the Plan Joran ski lifts, nestled in the forest. We have our own small ski slope, a large snow-garden with playful games and a chalet, where the upper levels meet their instructors and get ready before going out on the slopes. As for the small levels, they will stay in the snow-garden.

Our classes are from Monday - Friday, and on Sundays, we can offer a "warm-up" class where different levels can be together with the same instructor.

We can also offer the "FUN CLUB" formula, for parents who want their children to ski in the morning, but also enjoy afternoon entertainment with other children. For all information, click here.

Organisation :
- FULL DAY PROGRAM : from 8:45am to 4:30pm with meals & animations between 11:30am and 2pm. You need to book meals in addition to classes.
- IN THE MORNING : meeting point at 8:45am for lessons from 9am to 11:30am.
- MEALS : for children who stay the whole day or just for the morning classes, lunch must be reserved in advance for 5 or 6 days.
- AFTERNOON : meeting point at 1:45pm for lessons from 2pm to 4:30pm.

NEW YEAR'S WEEK ( December 29th - January 5th) AND HALF TERM ( February 16th - February 21st) :
If you fancy an easy start to the day, we can offer you the ski lessons from 11:30am to 2pm for the Yeti 1 - Junior Academy 1 Level.

Prices :
- 375 € * for 5 full days from Monday to Friday (meals are not included).
- 425 € * for 5 full days from Monday to Friday, only for the Junior Academy 3 - Rider Evasion (includes the pic-nic lunch)
- 440 € * for 6 full days from Sunday to Friday (meals are not included).
- 250 € * for 5 mornings from Monday to Friday.
- 290 € * for 6 mornings from Sunday to Friday.
- 195 € * for 5 afternoons from Monday to Friday and Late Morning
- 230 € * for 6 afternoons from Sunday to Friday and Late Morning
- 100 € * for 5 meals from Monday to Friday.
- 120 € * for 6 meals from Sunday to Friday.

* Prices 2019-2020

Here is an explanation of all our levels. Please read and choose the correct level for your children:​

Level: For beginners, children from the age of 3.
Learning: First steps on the skies and how to balance, discover the sensation of sliding on the snow: short snowplough descents.

Level: For beginner children from 4 - 9 years old.
Learning: How to take skis on and off, how to pick oneself off the ground, walk up a slight incline, how to use the chair & button lifts and how to link snowplough turns on gentle slopes.

Level : For children who have acquired the Yetison (or equivalent)
Learning: Slide step up a gentle slope, get up alone after a fall, maintaining the balance on bumps, dips and little jumps, use of chair & button lifts, how to master a snowplough turn followed by a parallel traverse on a green slope.

Level: 1st Yeti (or equivalent).
Learning: Turning steps on gentle slopes, skating steps, traversing across a slope (using edges), posture control and balance with poles, starting a  snowplough turn and come skidded "hockey" stop on green slopes. 

Level: 1st Yeti (or equivalent).
Learning: Rounded skid turns and side slipping, traversing on varied terrains, crossing dips and bumps, posture controls when skiing (body positions & movements), parallel turns on blue slopes.

Level : 2nd Yeti (or equivalent).
Learning: Straigh skiing with a skidded stop, use of vertical movements to commence turns, short radius turns on red slopes, parallel control turns on red runs.

Level: 3rd Yeti (or equivalent).
Learning: Improvement of all types of turns on black slopes, short radius stop, introduction to carving & slalom, freestyle initiation in the snowpark.

The Junior Academy is for all children and teens with a good level of skiing  (From super Yeti or equivalent, bronze star etc.) and wishing to become complete & knowledgeable skiers.

Level : Super Yeti (or equivalent).
Learning : Technique improvment on red and black slopes, control of short radius turns on red slopes, introduction to "off-piste" skiing, "off-piste" safety equipment, risks and dangers in the mountains.

Level : Junior Academy 1 (or equivalent).
Learning: Short radius turns on black slopes, speed control on the "off-pistes", put on my own "off-piste" mountain safety equipment and get up alone and  follow an "off-piste".

Level : Junior Academy 2 (or equivalent).
Learning : Controlled short radius turns on black slopes, short radius rhytmic turns, "off-pistes", comprehensive use of the "off-piste" safety equipment, recognition of different types of snow, adapting to more technically challenging "off-piste" slopes.

With the Riders Evasion, we go for a full day with picnic, safety equipment ( transceiver, probes & shovels) and a max of enthusiasm, to discover the real skiing, the mountain and the freedom! Our goal is to train, new generations so that they can become complete skiers, respectful, autonomous and sensitive to the dangers of the mountains.


Ski passes are required for these groupes:

Panda and Yetison groups, they will not need a ski pass because they will stay in the Panda Club.
Small Yeti group, they will leave the Panda Club during the week, leave 10 € in  your child's pocket, so that they can use it, if they need to!
Yeti 1 groupe, they will need the "Chamonix Pass".

Equipment :

The rental of your equipment is not included in the price for the lessons, you can rent with our partner store here

Additional Information :

-Our courses start from Sunday or Monday. It is not possible to integrate a group lesson from Tuesday or later in the week, because the children will already have progressed.
- Groups are from 4-8 people.
- We will not be able to welcome children who are coming late for the from the Yeti 2 level, because they leave immediately by the cable car and your children will not be able to join them.
- For meal reservations, you have to inform us by Wednesday, before your skiing week, in order to organize us better. Please tell us if your children have a special diet.
- Please put on name tags on your child's equipment (Skis, poles, helmet, ski clothes and shoes if they stay for lunch)
- From Yeti level 1 group, the children will need poles!