It's a bucket list item, the glaciated itinerary of the Vallee Blanche, 17-22km of off piste, under seracs, over crevasses - a unique must do activity

During the 22 km (when the conditions allow to descend to Chamonix), you will be on one of the glaciers of the Mont Blanc Massif, between seracs and breathtaking landscapes.
The descent is at its own pace, you will take your time to enjoy the scenery ! It's a day that you'll never forget !

Requested level :
To go down the Vallée Blanchem you must be able to ski or descend off-piste, on all types of snow , BUT you do not need to be an expert.
If you are not sure of your level, we offer the VALLEE BLANCHE CLINIC: after 4 hours in off-piste session with an instructor, it will confirm if you have the level to do the Vallée Blanche or not.

Program :

- Meet at 8am at Vertical Café at the bottom of the Aiguille du Midi.
- You then take the cable car with your guide, to reach 3842 meters of altitude.
- The guide will give you your equipment, will do the briefing and you will prepare yourself to leave.
- You will wear the crampons to go down the ridge of the Aiguille du Midi, beware of people who have vertigo, its steep but you will be safe (see photo on the left above).
- Descent of the Vallée Blanche in ski or snowboard (we can mix the 2 disciplines). The descent takes between 2 and 5 hours, depending on snow conditions, weather, your level. The guide will choose the best route according to the conditions and your level.
- Back to Chamonix on skis if snow conditions allow or otherwise with the Montenvers train (in this case, you must climb a lot of steps and take a gondola to reach the train station where you will take the train.

Equipment provided: harness, transceiver, shovel and probe.
Equipment needed : crampons, backpack where you can hang your skis and snowboards, picnic, drinks, Unlimited lift pass.
You can rent the equipment you need at SANGLARD store.

Prices :
- Vallée Blanche in a group from 4 to 6 people: 110 € / people *
- Vallée Blanche in private with a guide from 1 to 4 people : 420 € *
- Vallée Blanche Clinic : 179 € / person (1/2 day off-piste session and Vallée Blanche). If you do not have the level of the Vallée Blanche, we will refund you 100 €, you will just have to pay the price of the off-piste session at 79 € / person. *

Additional Information :
- If the conditions do not allow to do the Vallée Blanche and the guide cancels for security reasons or the Aiguille du Midi is closed, we will propose you an off-piste day on another area, or we will change to another day or we will refund you.
- If you go on the Vallée Blanche and you have not done the off-piste session, the guide will quickly sees, from the 1st descent, that you do not have the level. He will take you up the ridge of the Aiguille du Midi and you will descend by the cable car. In this case, we will not be able to refund you.

* RATES WINTER 2019-2020